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5 Tricks To Make Her Think About You All Day Long!  

Everyone’s dating. But creating tension, especially online? Making her think about you every single minute of every day? That’s what separates cazanovas from average joes. Look, If you too are a big fun of online dating but finding it hard… Continue Reading →

4 Signs It’s Time to Move On

It is the nature of relationships to grow and change with time. Unfortunately, that growth isn’t always positive or synchronized with our partner’s personal state of being. We are strange, chaotic beings, us humans, and knowing when to cut our… Continue Reading →

5 Tricks to Make Your Profile Pop

We’ve all been there: you’ve entered your email, chosen your username, tapped in the same password you use for absolutely everything else, and now you are staring at the blank space for your bio.  It’s meant to encapsulate you and… Continue Reading →

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